Monday, December 31, 2012

Puppy Love Summer

Warning: Puppy love ahead.
The best summer ever!!

The other little things that have consumed my life lately is this big box of beautiful  puppies.

Look how they have grown. They are 7 weeks old today and will soon be ready for new homes.


First off before I show you all the cute pictures, I want everyone to know that these are registered  English Pointers. This litter of pups was planned and they are from excellent hunting stock.

I am a huge advocate of spay and neuter and I think it' a sin not to.
Every cat and dog on our farm has been fixed, all besides the 2 hunting dogs.

They are so full of life and wonder.
Everything amuses them at this age,

Even a tiny ladybug!

Kitty cats have all but moved in with the neighbor's.
I can tell my the look on his face, a cat is approaching!

At any given time, there is tag team wrestleing happening.
WWF has nothing on us.

Water puddles are sooooo fun!

Daisy even has her own little look alike,

and neck biter.

This is baby Daisy. She is the pup I have chosen to keep
She stole my heart little by little.
She is so amused my the freckles on mommas legs.

She is just the biggest sweetheart, monkey and clown all rolled into one.

This is Wishbone.

One very handsome boy named Bolt.

Precious little Dot, the holy terror.


Sweet Baby Daisy. We will probably someday call her Bee.

and Ziggy.

They are so sweet when they sleep.

They are soft and squishy and limber as a cooked noodle and I cannot quit kissing them.

Oh to be a puppy, if you slide off the bed and land upside down, it's still comfortable.

Even house shoes make a good bed at this age.

Mom's copper kettle works pretty well also.

and I always, always find at least 2 in the laundry basket

Bright eyed, happy and healthy little Bolt.
Hubby's favorite pick.

Boxes are so fun to chew right now,

as are my ankles.

and lets not forget how good flip flops taste at this age.

Every ones favorite time of the day....boneytime!

Abby's new best friend, he will not leave her alone.
He loves her and aggravates her to death.

Everyones new best friend...Mr. Worm.
Boy, have we got our .50 cents worth out of him!!!

The flowers and grasses on the property are like puppy adventure land and they each have a free ticket daily. Any and everything you can get loose and into your little mouth is a prize.
My poor flowers will never be the same, nor will I.
Baby Daisy, she is sooo sweet, I could suck her up through a straw.
I ask hubby if we couldn't possibly keep all 6?
He kissed me good night and said he would find me a good psychiatrist first thing in the morning.
I guess that means no.
Blessing to all and it's good to be back


  1. It is good to hear from you and the puppies are just precious! Love the tub!!!!! Have a blessed, but I am sure a busy day:)

  2. I cannot quit saying Ahhhhhh....I I love them all! Can't wait to see your bathroom overhaul and hubbys new throne! Beth

  3. Thy are all so sweet!! I am not a dog person mind you, but they are cute enough to make me one!! I have to make sure I don't show the kids or my husband this post or I think we might end up driving up there to get one!! :)

  4. The puppies are adorable! Must be exciting to get a bathroom you really have always wanted! Can't wait to see the pictures of the job! It has been very wet here as well! Hoping for some nice weather this weekend!! Enjoy your day, glad you're back!

  5. What beautiful puppies! I can see why you want to keep them all. There's nothing quite like a puppy to snuggle up. Hope you find great homes for them all - except Daisy. Thanks for sharing, Dawn

  6. glad to see a post from you, thought you already floated away on all the rain! The puppies are cute but even cuter from afar LOL all is well here, hope to see you for a visit soon :D xoxo melzie

  7. Puppy love! They are so precious...I'd want to keep all of them, too!

  8. They are all so cute and already that pointing tail is showing the breed! Cute but a LOT of work, we've done the puppy thing too. Whoever gets them, they will have a wonderful pet for life.
    joy c. at grannymountain
    The bathtub will be Heaven to soak in, I'm jealous!

  9. thanks for sharing the puppy love with us. They are adorable and I can see why you would want to keep them all! Good luck with the remodel sounds amazing!

  10. Hey Shanda! Its great to hear from you again. The puppies are soooo cute! I love them already. Here I was thinking that you were out and about in your garden, planting and doing all sorts of outdoorsy projects. But hey, getting a new bathroom remodel is not so bad. In fact, it sounds darned great to me. The tub is a dream. I'll betcha my bottom dollar that its going to be a fantabulous bathroom. I can't wai to see the Before and After pictures.

    Before I forget, I want to ask you a question. A long time you had a song in your playlist about An American Woman. It was a girl singing and she was talking about being an American Woman. Can you please tell me the name of the song and who sings it? For the life of me, I have been breaking my head trying to remember and I'm drawing a blank. Email me back at

    Thank you!!!!


  11. Oh, I can smell that sweet puppy smell from here! What a beautiful bunch of pups. I had 2 as puppies at one time...I cannot imagine 6!

    You will love the bathtub. But you are doing it right. I found an awesome original a couple years ago. We had it reglazed etc. When it came time to install it we had to add support beams under the house; this 110 year old home needed a little help holding all that weight. My hubby, bless his heart, took it all in stride! But I have the bath room of my dreams now. Can't wait to see your pics of the finished project!
    Welcome back, and pop on over. Would love to have you!
    God bless, Misha

  12. So good to have you back! I've been in and out also:) Summer is such a busy time. Those pups are so stinkin' sweet, I can actually smell their sweet puppy breath from here. I can't wait to see the bathroom coming along. The tub is beautiful! Blessings to you also friend<3

  13. What beautiful puppies. My husband and I raised English Pointers for several years. Just had to put down his favorite lady last year. I know he would love to have another one although he has trouble walking well enough to hunt much anymore. We now have a yellow lab named Sophie who is his shadow. My blog is littlebrowncottageintheoaks. She is featured a lot. Enjoy you lovely ladies.

  14. Glad to see you back again. I look forward to your posts. I am so happy to see the pups; they give me a bit of happiness in these sad days for me. I was delighted to see their sweet faces; they look so smart and adorable. I love the tub too; we originally were to get one for our bathroom, but the fussbudget I live with was afraid that because he is "getting older"" (blah!) he might fall getting into it for his shower ( we only have ONE bathroom!) Arrgh; men and their crazy ideas. Love to you and the pups! ( and the man too) LOL; Merrie

  15. All your babies are so precious, I would want to keep them all too! That tub is gorgeous and your bathroom re-do sounds beautiful. I've Always wanted a faucet that looks like a pump. It's good to see you back! Have a nice day! Twyla

  16. We redid our bathroom in the process of qualifing for FHA financing on the house, and I figured that was my one and only chance to do so. We did it ourselves, and did a really good job because 5 1/2 years later even the wall paper was still in excellent shape.
    Then we had a house fire, which started in the basement, and all of the smoke came up the staircase, which the bathroom is right at the top of .... so the professionals re-did our bathroom. It lasted three years tops.
    We are now in the process of again working on the bathroom . . . :-/
    May yours last w-a-y longer!!!! And I think your tub choice is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!
    Cheryl B.

  17. Hi Shanda,
    A very enjoyable post, my you have been busy!.The pups are adorable!I would want to keep them all too!

    Love the tub, you will really enjoy it, I have one almost like it an you will feel like a princess when you take a soak. Have a great week.

  18. Hi Shanda,
    How exciting...I can't wait to see your new bathroom!
    Thanks for sharing those precious pups with us.....they are sooooo cute!

  19. Love the tub! And the pups, oh my are they getting cuter every week? I think so! Shanda, you have EACH ONE named.... it's gonna be tough to part with them, ya know! ;-)-Tammy

  20. I was fixin to send out a posse.
    THANK GOD you're back.
    Your puppies are cute but your
    new bathtub........................
    SHANDA I LOOOOOOVE IT! I can hardly wait to see how you do your new bathroom. I want a tub like that! MAYBE SOMEDAY one will cross my path. I'd love to have a vintage beauty.

    Welcome back Kotter.
    I've missed you!
    Holykisses xoxo

  21. Hello there Shanda!
    I'm so glad to see you posted! The tub looks to die for, but I must admit, the puppies stole my heart. I was absolutely busting up when I read the one about falling out of bed and landing upside down and still all is good.
    Good to know all is well. I can see why it's been a while, you kinda have your hands full!
    Keep the pictures coming!
    HAGE! Karen

  22. Those babies r precious!!!!!! OH I WAS ALmost in tears looking at the pics!!! WE have claw foot and love it!!! I am excited about your remodel!! :)

  23. Morning girl...that new tub is gonna be glorious..can't wait to see the make over!

    Now those pups are just the sweetie Shuggie Boos...I could just kiss them myself..those pics brought back so many memories of my childhood and my dad and uncles with their prized hunting of my uncles raised champion Redbones and ohhhh when the puppies were born it was like heaven sitting in the middle of those soft sweet little dumplings..I hope each one finds a loving and caring home to carry them on thru life with as much love and caring as you have started them out with...beautiful post sweetie...I hope you have a great day!

  24. Ohhhh! Those are the cutest little puppies. I desperately want a puppy. Our golden recently passed away and I miss her so much, however, my hubby is not ready yet.

    That tub is gorgeous and can't wait to see the finished product.


  25. I love puppies!!!! I am still trying to talk my husband into another one!!!

    Good luck with the bathroom! We gutted both of our bathrooms 2 years ago and it was not fun! We had one of those claw foot bath tubs. Sold it at a garage sale!

  26. I had such a grin on my face as I looked through the pictures of the puppies....they are PRECIOUS! A lot of work, but precious still the same.

    PS: LOVE your new tub!
    Hugs from Houston....Susan

  27. Those puppies are adorable with their sweet little puppy looks..those eyes!
    Well, I'm dying to see pictures of the new bathroom!

  28. WOW! You have been so busy, we have missed you! I am in love with your puppies too, and I can see why you want to keep them all! So much fun...but then they grow up! I love your choice of tubs, I have one of those big claw foot tubs, but mine is fiberglass! Can't wait to see what you do with your bathroom!

  29. And I thought that I'd been gone a long time. The puppies are adorable. One way or the other, your hubby is going to have to call the psychiatrist once you begin saying goodbye to them all. Nah! Long as you're keeping one you'll be all set. Looking forward to seeing the bathroom remodel. I know this: It WILL be beautiful!

  30. you sure have a houseful of cute little puppies! Sounds like your bathroom is going to be great, too.

  31. I just love the puppies! I want one! I am like you, I want them all!!! I am sure my hubby would have me commited if I bring another animal in!


  32. Oh, I'm in Hog Heaven seeing all of these puppies! How adorable!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  33. Hi Shanda, just stumbled upon your blog and I sure did enjoy my visit here. I read your whole blog ! LOL .

  34. Can't wait to see your finished bathroom....just know it will be gorgeous. Those puppies are so, so cute...I think it would be hard to tell them apart...they look so much will be so sad when they have to leave you.

    Blessings to you.

  35. I love the tub! The puppies are getting so cute!

  36. HI
    I was blog hopping and came across your blog and thought Id say HI :)


  37. I've missed you, my friend! The pups are getting so big and are adorable.

    That tub will be so nice to soak in after a hard day!


  38. There all so cute. It would be hard to part with any of them. Blessings! Lara


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