Wednesday, April 29, 2015

~There's Something I Bet Ya Didn't Know ! ~

My life has gone to the dogs!!!!


When you see this...


It all started so sweet and innocently.

Remember my sweet little puppy I picked to keep. The one I haphazardly started calling "Baby Daisy". Her mother's name is Daisy and she is so sweet and goofy just like her mother.

It became my little baby talk name game with her and I never expected it to stick.
It stuck, we still call her Baby Daisy and we say it 900 times each day.

It is confusing for some, especially the mail man and UPS man, they both told me I need some more dogs!!!!

My house is not the favorite house in the neighborhood to deliver packages to. I usually have to get at least one dog out of the truck so he can leave. Poor man.

Remember this pic from early this summer, she was about 6 weeks old here.

This is the same little rabbit, in the above picture.

It's amazing to me how much she had grown.

She has done her fair share wearing dresses and such.   (Baby Daisy and Ringo)

Doesn't she just look like a little girl dog, her little ears sit just like little pig tails.

She was so cute when she and her little sister were tiny and they would play so ruff and tumble, they would get their little dresses just filthy, real little country girls.

Have you ever tried mopping with 2 of these things hooked onto your mop?


We ended up keeping 2 of the pups, both females. I chose one and one chose us.

I sold all 4 males for a nice little chunk of change and NO I am not doing it again, not anytime soon in this lifetime anyway.

Look at that little baby dog point!!

She is a pointing fool, they called her "birdie", that is a bird dog compliment I am told.

(I really didn't pick her at all, she just melted my heart).

Even the President of the Mid-Missouri Quail Forever Chapter wanted her, but nope, he had to settle for a little male. Baby daisy wasn't for sale, Baby Daisy was going nowhere for no amount of money!

So now, let's do some ciphering here.

We had Toby the Healer and Abby the Boston.....that's two.

Last December after much heated debating, Husband decides he can't live without the addition of two English Pointers....that makes four.

Add in two pups...Baby Daisy and Ringo......we have a grand total of SIX dogs!!!

Oh My Goodness, what are we thinking??
Are we thinking?? ?

I don't think anymore, I give up.
We got'em, we lov'em, and we put up with'em.

Remember the girl who sold all her chickens this spring because they were tearing up the yard and scattering the mulch??? Those look like glory days compared to now days.

OMG! I should have kept the chickens, at least I would have fresh eggs.

Everyday is a new adventure and everyday I put things up, things away, things higher, things in the trash, I kiss them, I cuss them, I swear I'm giving them away yet I return each week from the thrift store, with a bag full of stuffed toys , ones that I have spent two hours looking through the rubble for.

The ones that squeak, squawk, laugh and wiggle.

The ones that made my front yard look like it snowed here this weekend.

All for these crazy mutts who get in my car and steal my candy corn while I am still carrying in the grocery's.
And for:

the one who has to ride the 4-wheeler every time it's started.

the one who has to ride on the lawn mower with me.

the two who have learned to let themselves in and out of the screened in porch.

the one who has chewed up at least 7 pairs of flip flops this summer. (Ozzy) (daddy bird dog)

the one who ate 9 pages of my good summer read while I was still reading it.

the ones my husband calls the little heathens

and for all 6 that cause me to read the same paragraph 11 times when I'm trying to read something.

Oh the excitement and interruptions,

I bet next time my husband listens to me and that monkey ain't sounding so bad after all!

Until next time,



  1. Sounds like fun to me!! I love dogs! Have a great week!

  2. You go girl! 6 dogs?!

    I go crazy with 2 dogs, a cat and of course Rocky (he has his own blog now!!).

    I love the pics and the descriptions!


  3. Hey Shanda. Both the pups are precious. I love to watch 'em sleeping and Baby Daisy does look like a sweet little girl. I can't resist any thing warm and furry. I take it you've asked hubby for a monkey too, mine said no. Great pics & I always enjoy reading your writings.

  4. I guess you can say you live in "puppyville"...
    Thanks for new pics of them.
    They look so sweet in their little outfits.
    Deb :)

  5. I think I'm falling in love with your dogs after all those adorable pictures and stories.

    For sure they would be lighter on the husband's lap than our 82 lb black lab, that thinks he's a lap dog!

    Have a great week.

  6. I can just picture the pups wanting to go for a ride with the UPS guy! BabyDaisy is the CUTEST!

  7. Shanda, my Hubby would absolutely flip over Baby Daisy. He once bought me a pointer 'bird dog' for my birthday. I did not hint or ask for a bird dog. LOL This year I had a night out Sat. night and I was greeted with a card at breakfast. I'm thinking maybe it will be all about me this year. Have a fantastic day....I'm gonna!!!

  8. We have three kids, three dogs, two cats, and chickens, so I feel your pain. I'm glad your dogs have such a loving home. Baby Daisy is just adorable!

  9. Shanda, I do think we are clones of one another! I could have written this post about my home and life with dogs (and cats!)
    I have been doing laundry for 2 hours and none of it is people stuff! Dog beds, dog blankies, dog toys, couch covers, dog rugs...endless it is, but I would not have it any other way!

    I spotted a few wonderful junk stores and a huge junk show that is in Oct, in Liberty, Mo. Do you go to these. Looked awesome and I thought of you!

    Stay sane! Misha

  10. P.S. I had a monkey when I was 9. After it shreded my beautiful canopy bed, my mom said, "Out with the monkey!"
    It went to a wonderful home. That didn't have canopy beds!

  11. Ohhhhh....i've been there....we had 5 at one time....4 Jack Russells and a Brittney was wonderful....loved every minute of it!!


  12. Shanda you crazy girl--
    The puppie pics are adorable-I showed them to Ken and said I just wanted to tickle their tummies!
    Then you you paint the oic of them riding on mowers and eating candy corn---priceless!!!!!

    Have a good week

  13. Hi Shanda, this is my first visit to your blog and I so enjoyed it. I read all about your sweet pups and the calf. Dinner is burning but I just had to say hello before I go turn off the timer. I'll be back soon to check out more of your great stories.

  14. This was a wonderful story, I enjoyed it so much, and your dogs are darling! I would love to see a picture of all 6 of your rascals.

    Thanks for sharing the loves of your lives, I have two wild dogs myself, and the poor UPS delivery people can hardly leave cause my dogs are in their vans...they now carry doggie treats, smart very smart!
    XO Dee

  15. Those pictures could NOT be any cuter. Love the poses!

  16. Yes, I agree you life has gone to the dogs. But it sounds like you are loving every minute of it. They're something else!

  17. I love dogs! I just did a post about our two. If it were up to me I'd probably have six dogs myself, but I live with people who say things like 'let's take care of the ones we have' and other things like that. Baby Daisy is a prize, you're lucky to have her! Have a nice week. Twyla

  18. Your puppies are adorable! I'd just love to play with them! I always enjoy reading your posts, your stories are so entertaining and from the heart. Hope you're doing well! ~~hugs Diana

  19. Loved your post! Very funny. I thought our pup was making me nuts...glad I'm not alone.

  20. they are so very sweet.hi shanda,thank you for dropping by and seeing how i am.i am finally doing better.i'm getting a little better everyday.i enjoyed catching up on your escapades.but not so much the broken foot...Anniepoo

  21. Love the little doggy dress...hope all is well with you! I was thinkin' about ya and thought I would pop over.


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